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The Lobby

The beating heart of the Lobby - relaxed settings in wich to meet your colleagues & friends. With a bar, a library and a terrace overlooking the hotel garden, it is a perfect example of a 'living lobby', wich welcomes you all day or night.

Please feel free to stay for a while and enjoy a healthy snack, a fresh drink or high quality coffee. You can also enjoy a good glass of wine specialy selected for the Apple Inn .  

The Garden 

Chill-out at our beatiful Garden. After a long day of sightseeing,shopping or city exploring it is the place to rest and even enjoy a fresh drink and bite!

You can also enjoy your breakfast en coffee at our silent oasis in the city.

The garden is open from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm and can be found at the back of our hotel. 


In our lobby is a special section where you can read or borrow books. The selection of books is made to fit as large a interest as possible.There are books about Amterdam, history, art, famous Dutch painters and much more.


In the lobby you can find a selection of games and colorbooks for the children.The fallowing games are available: PS4, Monopoly, playing cards,badminton.