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First af all, thank you for picking up this first,fresh taste of the Apple Inn Hotel. The collection of words is merely a warm welcome and fresh beginning to your experience in Amsterdam.

Whenever it's your first timewalking thouegh our picturesque neighbourhood in one of Europe's magnificent cities and sleeping in one of these beautiful, historic buildings, or whether you have paid us many visits before; we would first and foremost like you and everyone else to know that here you will be treated not like stranger, but as if you are staying with your own, loving family. 

As you many have noticed on your journey to our front, the Apple Inn is nestled in an idyllic and green neighbourhood in the beautiful Dutch city of Amsterdam.Surrounded by glorious harmony of luscious trees in every shade of green and mythical architecture, this is not just a hotel like any other, where people just come to sleep, have a quick bite and gather round the massively busy  tourists sights before heading home with empty wallets.

No, this particular hotel takes special care og their guests, and provides a fresh,nearly revolutionary experience of one of Europe's finest cities. No where else could you eat or drink as fresh,feel so much warmth, be so close to nature in a big city and get so inspired by a hotel-visit than right here, right now.

Dating all the way back to the last year of the 19th century, the completely renewed and reshaped 3-star hotel Apple Inn is still housed in a characteristic Gentlemen’s-house on the doorstep of the scenic sights of Amsterdam’s grandest oasis, the Vondelpark. Through the trees of the park blows not only fresh air, but epic history to the front door of Apple Inn. Even the name of the street confirms this, as the title ‘Queensway’ derives from our former Queen Emma, who used to live in this very street a long time ago. The 29 rooms and the tranquil garden of the Apple Inn holds as much history and interesting facts as the neighbourhood itself. So why not discover a new, fresh way of enjoying a holiday? We are very pleased and honoured to have you, so do not be a stranger and let us make this a simply unforgettable experience for you. The scroll of the Apple-Inn you hold in your hands now is only the beginning. Read on to start sparkling your fresh-senses…